mardi 1 avril 2014

Commented Game - Kids take over.

Hello !

Last night, a few games from the 26th Mingren were relayed on the net. Mingren is the chinese Meijin. No need to say it's an important tournament, and that a lot of the top professionnals partipate.
This year, 64 players have signed up for it (and that number doesn't include the automatically-qualified players from last year, thanks to their good achievements).
Out of those 64 players, one woman only (born 1965). She doesn't need to be introduced anymore : Rui Naiwei, 9p.
Every go player has surely, at least, already heard about her. She has been winning a lot of the most prestigious tournaments since the early 90's.  Women's Kuksu, Women's Myeongin, Hungchang Cup, to only name a few.
I may be wrong about this, but I believe she is the first woman to have reached a 9d pro rank. (promoted 1p in 1985, 7p the same year !)
Last night, she was playing Zhang Li, 6p, (born 1987). Quite a kid, in comparison.
Yet, the kid beat her badly. Rui resigned after losing one extremely big dragon. It happens.

Another interesting fact, in the 26th Mingren, is the participation of He Tianning, an amateur. I searched in most players database, and found no occurence of his name anywhere, probably there are many versions for his name ? I don't know. Anyway, he was eliminated by Ke Jie, 4p. It was truly a nice game. Watch it if you get the chance.

Read more about Rui's here.

Zhang Li (right) / Rui Naiwei (Below)

Also played today : (click for download)
26th Mingren (Prelims)
Yan Zaimin 2p vs Bai Baoxiang 1p
Yan Huan 6p vs Piao Wenyao 9p
He Tianning (He Tianyi?) Amateur vs Ke Jie 4p

15th Maxim Cup (Semifinals) :
                                                                   Park Junghwan 9p vs Park Jungsang 9p

And the game ! Have fun !

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