mardi 22 avril 2014

Kim Youngsam, crowned champion in Paris Tournament.

Hey !

What a busy week-end !
Like every year, for Easter, Paris had its international tournament happening. It was not so "international" this year, though. I heard they had a hard time finding a place for the event, and found one only two weeks ago.
They had to reserve the place at the last minute, and hardly had enough time to check how many players they could welcome (how many rooms, how many tables ?) and probably a last-minute issue about borrowing materials (clocks and such) from the local Go Clubs around. In consequence, they couldn't accept any reservations for the tournament. That, of course, made it very difficult for foreigners to come. No point in coming and travelling, and having high expenses if they were not sure to be able to play at all. Makes sense.

There were quite a few top french players though. Dai Junfu 8d, Motoki Noguchi 7d, Thomas Debarre 6d, Tanguy Le Calvé 5d and of course Kim Youngsam who won the tournament being undefeated. We got the chance that the organizers relayed one game per round on KGS, however. The games were broadcasted via "FFGscribe" account, whose games can be found in KGS archives.

I managed to attend the 6 rounds broadcasts. More than that, I gave public group Live reviews, thanks to the Forum Go On that helped me prepare the event, and particularly LDL who helped recording the reviews (I also recorded the lectures in audio / video, you can never know when the computer or the recording software is gonna mess up)

So we have recorded 6.  The project was interesting, the "public" was composed of widely-ranged players,  from beginners 20k to dan level (3d+) and I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this possible.

Anyway, we went through the games, discussing, analyzing, answering questions.
The explanations, therefore, cover a large amount of things : fuseki, choice of a joseki, direction of play, attack / defense / yose / counting / tesujis and so much more.

Some of the broadcasts lasted more than 3 hours, so the reviews are pretty long. You can find them below, but be aware that I used French for the reviews. If you can speak a little bit of french that is great, otherwise you may have to "guess" what the comments mean,  by looking at the variations shown. It shouldn't be too hard for an experimented player, but can possibly be difficult for kyu players, sorry about that.

I received a lot of great feedback on Go On forum, and we'll certainly hold other live-reviews in the soon future - in english also, if there is demand for it.

The first record has quite a poor sound. I had forgotten to turn my internal microphone off, and it caused interference with the external microphone I was using (I fixed the issue between round 1 and 2)
The other 5 records should be good (encoded in High Quality - watch them Full screen)
Until today, I had the time to encode the first 4 games only.
It takes quite a lot of time to render the video viewable in Camtasia, then to export it as an flv, or an avi.
And it also takes some more to upload it to youtube.

The first 4 games  (the next 2 should be available tomorrow)

Round 1 : Dai Junfu 8d (ericdai) vs Cesar Lextrait 3d (isbhal)

Round 2 : Dai Junfu 8d vs Kim Youngsam 7d (korondo)

Round 3 : Dai Junfu 8d vs Motoki Noguchi 7d (motoki)

Round 4 : Kim Youngsam 7d vs Tanguy Le Calvé 5d (welvang)

Round 5 (available tomorrow) : Motoki Noguchi 7d vs Kim Youngsam 7d

Round 6 (available tomorrow) : Thomas Debarre (neufx9) 6d vs Motoki Noguchi 7d

Hope you will enjoy !


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  1. I will have to say that I probably won't get around to listening to the commentary due to time constraints. But congratulations on running such a successful discussion. I'm sure that the reviews are great!