lundi 31 mars 2014

Commented Game - 10th Price Information Cup - Dragons do die !


As explained yesterday, the prelims for the 10th Price Information Cup were played yesterday. A few games were relayed live on Tygem.
The game I chose to present today was played by Jin Siyoung (aka Chen Shiying) 5p, versus Ryu Suhang (among other names) 3p.
There is very little infomation available on those 2 players. (in english, at least)
It was a pretty interesting game anyway. Fighting from the very start with the micro chinese fuseki. You can read more about this particular fuseki on 9p Cho Hye Yeon's blog.
You can also find some interesting thoughts about it on senseis.

Hope you'll enjoy the review !

Jin Siyoung (left), Ryu Suhang (below)

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice commentary :) And the new sgf player is much more readable (and practical) than the previous one.

    By the way, i have a question : you said O6 was a mistake, but without the capture of E6, Black seems quite late to me. Do you think it was a clear mistake or a try-hard move due to black lack of points ?

    Anyway, thanks for the nice commentary :)

    NB: I think i spotted a little typo: move 15 i think it should be "To deny black a base" instead of "To deny white a base".

  2. This is not a typo :) I did mean "white" (white on right side). I was trying to explain that white can't be easily attacked there, as he will either have a base or will go out to center.

  3. The mistake wasn't O6, but N7 (I think I made no mistake in the review ?), because of the bad shape. The capture with g5 is not a mistake either, indeed, black needs more points. I suppose he had no other choice :)

  4. Sorry, i did not read the punctuation correctly, It all makes sense now.

    As for O6, i meant N6 but missread the column.

    Seems i need to be a bit more focus when reading this.