mercredi 9 avril 2014

Xia Chenkun to rule the Chinese Mingren !

Hi !

It's been a few days since I last published a game, I've been quite busy with the week-end.

So now, there are plenty of outstanding games to watch, and some "new" pros to discover.
The game I'm showing you today is a game played by Xia Chenkun (aka Xia Jiankun). He is not so famous yet, I must say - he is not even listed on the official list of chinese professionnal players, though he has been a pro for a couple of years.
There is not much of an history about him yet as he didn't play so many tournaments or didn't win any major titles YET.
You will see, however, that he certainly has the ability to win them.

Xia Chenkun (left) / Kong Jie (right)

Last year, he was eliminated as early as the first prelim round. But he is back this year, and faced Chang Hao 9p, for the first prelim round, whom he eliminated ! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the game yet. (I certainly will, though)
For the second round of the Mingren, he was paired with Yu Bin (another top 9p), and he won that game as well ! You can see the game here

So, he qualified for the main tournament. And until now, he defeated Dang Yifei, 4p,  Shi Yue, 9p, and Kong Jie 9p.

He won them all. And he qualified for the semifinals in which he will be playing Zhou Ruiyang, 9p (the other semifinals game will be between Jiang Weije 9p and Lian Xiao 7p)

His records in this tournament is really impressive, as he defeated four experienced 9p straight. The game I'm showing here is his game versus Kong Jie, which gave him access to the semifinals. Enjoy the show !

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