mardi 15 avril 2014

Tenchi Meisatsu

Hi !

Litteraly "Insight into the universe", the title for this movie is a pretty well-chosen one. And why am I talking about a movie ? How is that related to Go, you're asking ?
Well, easy. Listen.

The english title for this movie is "Tenchi, the samurai astronomer". And this astronomer was in fact, no less than Shibukawa Shunkai (1639 - 1715).  You probably never heard that name, did you ? Well, in fact, Shibukawa Shunkai renamed himself  "Yasui Santestu II", after his father. Now it probably starts making sense, doesn't it ?

His father, Yasui Santetsu, founder and head of the Yasui House, which was one of the top 4 major Houses of Go in Japan, along with the Honinbo, Inoue, and Hayashi Houses.

Tenchi Meisatsu, is about the life of his son,who was an excellent Go player himself, just like his father, and a great astronomist, "the japanese Galileo".
Shibukawa Shunkai used many names during his life and was, among others, known as Shibukawa Harumi. For a fully detailled biography, I invite you to read this page
Regarding astronomy, Shibukawai has been the discoverer of many things, and a few of his works still remain until today. For instance, he developped a new calendrical system, the Jokyo Calendars , which is now conserved at the National Museum of Nature and Science, in Japan.

He was also the creator of the following papier-maché globe, in 1695 (also conserved in the same Museum)

The movie itself is just great ! I won't spoil any of it by telling you the story yet, but surely, you'll love it. The background music was composed by Joe Hisaishi (one of the top composers from Japan - a world-wide known composer)
You can already watch trailers, and read more about the casting here 

The movie is watchable online (streaming) on DramaCool website  (I can't guarantee the quality of their subtitles though as this is not the version I watched - If you like their work, drop them a word, they deserve to be encouraged)

The movie lasts 2h21, have your popcorn ready for the show and  dive into historical Japan !

Here are also a few screenshots :

As a bonus, I tried to find the game where the two protagonists start on Tengen, so that I could review it for the blog, but I couldn't find it. If you have it, please share it with me :) And I will review it ^^

To keep you waiting and so that you can be "inspired" by those masters' plays, here is the album of the movie. Listen to it online, on Deezer . I cannot share the archive here, for copyrights matter ..... 

Also, another game by Yasui Santetsu where he starts with Tengen against Honinbo Dosaku.


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  1. Ahh!! Awesome! I will definitely have to add this to my list of movies to watch! Have you also watched the other "new" movie that came out rather recently? It's called "Tokyo Newcomer."