jeudi 10 avril 2014

ASR Series Game 2 and 3

Hi !

I received 2 games from the ASR this week. So I reviewed them both (instead of the previously announced 1 game per week)

First game below is between klaas 6k and GreyGhost, about 4k (Gamma class)
The second one is between Greenbean 1k vs Compgo74 1k (Alpha class)

Greenbean and Compgo74 played the micro chinese fuseki, which I commented upon here . Feel free to take a look for more variations and details.
Also, another good website for that fuseki (and others) is Cho Hye Yeon's blog.
I strongly recommend reading her website. Cho Hye Yeon is a female 9dan professionnal. Her reviews and explanations are always insightful. She is one of the very few pros dedicated to teaching amateurs via a blog, sharing new trends, new variations. If you haven't done so yet, her site is certainly worth bookmarking.

Klaas and greyhost went through the game for review already. And I' m glad I was sent the SGF that contains their questions and variations. That helped me a lot to know what questions SDK are asking or what they are unsure of.

For the next times, it would be wonderful if you could do the same. If there is a particular pattern you are uncertain about, if there is anything that you want me to focus upon, when reviewing, just write it on the SGF.

Hope you'll enjoy the reviews !


2 commentaires:

  1. I love these amateur games comentaries : the mitakes you point out are really close to the one i would do.
    I did particularily like the first one : players remarks adds a lot of dynamic to your commentary (it gets king of dialectic, and Motoki Nogushi shown it was a great way to teach :)

    Thanks and please keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you for this comments, it's very usefull.