lundi 28 avril 2014

Playing one-color Go

Hoy !

This is one of my favourite Go variants. I thank Pasky a lot for making this possible online with his hacked version of KGS. Using it, all you have to do is say "ONECOLOR" at the beginning of the game, and "MULTICOLOR" to make it back with the two colors.

I made a quick test just now, and challenged a free 7k bot.  I managed to keep up until Move 172, right before the small yose.

At move 172, it looked like this :

After switching back to "double colors", I saw this, which was pretty much what I was expecting, except I was convinced that the middle black dead group was alive and connected to top.

It was a bit sneaky of the bot anyway, after I played a komoku in top right, at Move 1, he made a high approach and started a big avalanche joseki, and I thought "OMG, if he plays that right, I'm toast". Lucky me, he failed miserably there.
Right after that, he played a Muramasa Joseki, in bottom left. Due to circumstances of one-color Go, I thought I'd play the standard variation. Making it complex and relying on ladders and creating cutpoints would certainly lead me to doom, in one-color Go.
After that, the game went quite smoothly (but a bit weird by the bot in the top left, surely doesn't know joseki...)
At the end, despite being cut, the game is quite close, about +12 for white.
I won't add the sgf here - you can find it in my KGS archives (account : Pericles)

That was fun anyway, I'll try that again !


4 commentaires:

  1. That's awesome that someone created a hack for one color go. Very cool!

  2. Is it legal or would i fear to be banned when I use this hack and some admin spots it or someone reports me?

  3. Afaik, it's not recommended by KGS, but so many users use it, and none was banned, I think.