dimanche 27 avril 2014

Wandering...on Funnode

Hey !

Just a quick "tweet", I was wandering around on another Go server when I came across this player, Ravi, making some promotion for his recently-created own Go Server. I suppose there is lots to do, add new features, make it even better (always!)
Ravi will certainly need feedback, as there are only a handful of players there (told you, it's very new), so have a visit on his website and send feedback, play some games. In a few words, help him get started.

It's worth it, really.

Click here to join Ravi's website (funnode)

You will also find, on the homepage, that you can play chess, checkers, reversi, card and dice games (all for free) among other games.

Have fun !


5 commentaires:

  1. I checked it out and it seems like a basic go server. Not too shabby, but I think the issue is that the go community is too fragmented out there right now. It'd be better to see the community all live in one place similar to Korean players on Tygem or WBaduk.

  2. I hope development will start at some point again with kgs.. instead of having to hack, why dont they try to develop things like one colour go, a better ranking system like ogs and so on :/ I agree with Ben Zen, it starts to become to fragmented

  3. At least a decent full javascript player. :) I love this one
    I guess the community an thus the matchmaking system still aren't up to any big go server, but i really like the fact that i do not need to install a proprietary software to hav this work as originally intended (KGS works with openJDK, but there are a lot of small annoying bugs).

    Anyway, thanks for the link

  4. dimanche: thanks for the post.

    Ben Zen & Anonyme: thanks for checking out the site. We are trying to grow the community now - we even added a second server in UK so that European players don't experience any lag when playing.

    Mocramis: thanks for checking out the site. Can you please let me know what bugs you saw? I can fix them.

    BTW, this is Ravi from FunNode.

  5. Hello folks,

    It's been more than a year since this discussion, and FunNode has improved significantly in the meantime. Please do have a look again and provide any feedback you may have :)

    Happy new year!