dimanche 27 avril 2014

Amateur vs Pro : Second round !

Hey !

I got a lot of feedback about the "Amateurs vs Pro" post from last week. So I decided it would be a pity not to let a good chance for the amateurs to show their skills a few more times against professionnals.

I joined a few games on Tygem, to find one game that will represent both players' skills well enough. As always, it's pretty tough to find a game that meets the criterias. The game has to be showing the difference of skills, obviously, but has to be understandable by the audience too. Picking games with too complex variations or one-sided slaughters is just no fun (to watch and to review)

In the current one, Black is the pro. The interesting thing in this game is about the influence White made. He played to build a moyo which ended up completely destroyed by 3 of black's invasions. Yup, 3. That shows how big the influence was.

Black managed to invade successfully 3 times, thanks to a few defects in white's shape that he could exploit.
I hope you will enjoy the sharpness of their moves, black's moves, obviously.


3 commentaires:

  1. Again. Unbelievable game. Black's sharp moves are so clear even to a weak player like me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the game :).

    The diference between pro and strong amateurs in the games you showed so far really seems to lay in reading and fighting capability rather than direction of play. Am i wrong ?

    Anyway, great game.

    I noticed a small typo though:move 102 you forgot the subject of "powerfull" (tesuji, combination ?)

  3. Oh yeah, I meant "tesuji", or combo :)