jeudi 3 avril 2014

ASR's alpha male of the month !

Hi Go-fellows,

The poll up here is ending in a couple of days. The results shown are quite significant already. It's almost a draw between reviewing pro games (I have enough of them to make one review/day for the next 50 years), lectures by topic (I will start organising those very soon - they certainly will take place in KGS Teaching Ladder) and reviews of amateur games. I have plenty of those, but they are either played by top amateur players (EGC, American Go Congress, and the likes) and I realized I don't have that many DDK or SDK games that were worth being reviewed (mainly because they are blitz).

So, as of today, I'll be having a partnership with the ASR League on KGS, a league whose system is perfect to find slow games, which is the perfect material I need to review kyu games. (and believe me, slow kyu games are not easy to find). I will review 4 games /month for the ASR (roughly 1/week). If you have a particularly interesting game to submit, please contact "climu" on KGS, who is in charge of the ASR awards, or contact me on KGS directly.

As this is the official annoucement for the project, I picked one game (quite) at random from the ASR results' table. The players are "drgoplayer" and "darkpoet". I picked this one, because, first, I enjoyed watching it, and because there are a lot of missed opportunities for both players. Also, among other reasons, Drgoplayer is currently #1 in the Alpha class (and for sure, you're all willing to take his seat, aren't you? ), and he was also #2 in Beta last month.
His opponent, darkpoet, has been in Alpha since early March, scoring an honorable result of 19,75.

Let's hope this review will help everybody improve. This is what they are meant for.
For any thorough questions, please contact me or Climu.

If you're interested in joining the ASR, please click here.


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