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Gu Li, back on his feet, for the upcoming Jubango game !

Hello addicts !

This night, Lee Sedol and Gu Li were paired to play a game in The Chunlan Cup (Round 2). This game was just GREAT. We can see clearly that Gu Li, despite his two previous losses in the Jubango Games, is still stronger as ever. As always, the two of them went into fighting very early in the game, trading big dragons and killing each other.  I reviewed the following game in KGS Teaching Ladder with many kyu players attending, a few dan players sharing their (helpful) insights. So, credits should be credited to all who helped and contributed making this live commentary.

And that's not all. I have good links to share today. Pictures, as often. And videos ! I also found a short interview by Fan Hui, 2p, about the Go situation in France / Europe. I will translate and share as soon as I can. And of course, the  results of this round AND the pairings for the quarterfinals.

Enjoy :)

Results Round 2 : 

 古力(中) VS 李世石(韩) : Gu Li vs Lee Sedol --- Lee Sedol resigned at the last dame. (losing by 0,5)
 唐韦星(中) VS 朴廷桓(韩) Tang Weixing vs Park Junghwan  -- Tang Weixing resigned at move 224
 芈昱廷(中) VS 崔哲瀚(韩) Mi Yuting vs Choe Cheolhan ---> Choe Cheolhan resigned at move 223.
 柁嘉熹(中) VS 金志锡(韩) Tuo Jiaxi vs Kim Jiseok   --- Tuo Jiaxi resigned at move 164 (after losing a 30-stones dragon)
 陈耀烨(中) VS 河野临(日) Chen Yaoye vs Kono Rin --- Kono Rin resigned at move 224.
 时越(中) VS 村川大介(日) Shi Yue vs Murakawa Daisuke  -- Murakawa resigned at move 177 (behind by around 15pts)
 周睿羊(中) VS 井山裕太(日) Zhou Ruiyang vs Iyama Yuta  ---> Iyama Yuta resigned at move 153. (An utter massacre !...)
 江维杰(中) VS 张栩(日) Jiang Weiji vs Cho U - Jiang Weijji resigned at move 212. (losing by about komi)

Quarterfinals : (end of 2014)

古力(中) VS 张栩(日) Gu Li vs Cho U
陈耀烨(中) VS 朴廷桓(韩) Chen Yaoye vs Park Junghwan
芈昱廷(中) VS 金志锡(韩) Mi Yuting vs Kim Jiseok
时越(中) VS 周睿羊(中) Shi Yue vs Zhou Ruiyang

 The Video : 
(Pro players reviewing Lee Sedol vs Gu Li !! published on Youtube one hour ago, you'll be the first to watch it !)

For more videos, follow this link (on the right side of the page)
The pictures of 2nd round can be found here (click)
For the previous games of the Jubango, click here, and there (The Third one will be relayed live on KGS this week end, don't miss it ! )

And the game, reviewed in KTL : (I cleaned it a bit, deleting some branchs or comments non-related to the game)

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50] GN[Chunlan Cup - 16 players knock-out Round.]PW[Lee Sedol]PB[Gu LI]DT[2014-03-28]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[Pericles [5d\]: first, i'm goig to show the game without stopping a first time, so you can see the global flow ] ;B[pd] ;W[dd] ;B[pp] ;W[dp] ;B[fc] ;W[cf] (;B[fq]C[Pericles [5d\]: if you have any question about direction, please ask (even ddks) EachOne [10k\]: what if white respond in top ] ;W[dn]LB[jd:A][pj:C][jp:B]SQ[cf][dn]C[Pericles [5d\]: black is trying to optimize his possibilities Pericles [5d\]: he has 3 good choices troll [2d\]: pericles, whats the difference between A and B? Pericles [5d\]: the only difference is the height of those white moves, so, basically, D6 counters influence better Pericles [5d\]: so, imo, it's not as easy for b to play k4 (influence move) as to play A ] ;B[pj]LB[jd:A][jp:B]C[Pericles [5d\]: keeping A and B as miai troll [2d\]: A holds more potential, so break it up first? Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: gu li is an agressive player, isn't he? EachOne [10k\]: yeah, he plays to kill, always troll [2d\]: A holds more potential, so break it up first?] ;W[nc]LB[nd:C][pf:A][qf:B]C[troll [2d\]: with b f17 and q10 stone in place, cant jump out, cant double approach, only corner left as a choice Pericles [5d\]: nobody would play A or B instead of a pincer ? troll [2d\]: I might play A EachOne [10k\]: Q10 is here, and as F17 support LinuxGooo [16k\]: I might play A, too with the hope to extend then to Q12 Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: i would play C and hoping for sente to play j17] (;B[lc]C[ Pericles [5d\]: black pincers, it's a natural move Pericles [5d\]: who would have extended on right side instead ? (see variations) ] ;W[qc]C[Pericles [5d\]: white jumps to sansan StlenVlr [3d\]: Anyhow, each of those variations were pretty nice for W troll [2d\]: with q10 in place easy choice for direction now ] (;B[qd]C[Pericles [5d\]: black blocked this side, still consistent with Q10 EachOne [10k\]: the wall work better with Q10 StlenVlr [3d\]: I have alternative explanation for why R16 instead of Q17 StlenVlr [3d\]: Basically, the reason is that, if you go Q17 path, B has two separate moyos built. One facing the the left at top, from F17 to Q17, and another from Q10 downwards ] ;W[pc] ;B[od] (;W[nd]C[LinuxGooo [16k\]: O16 is for later to move to center, right ? Pericles [5d\]: the top joseki is unusual, but not so rare ] (;B[oc] ;W[ob] ;B[pb] ;W[qb] ;B[nb] ;W[pa] (;B[mb]C[Pericles [5d\]: anyway, this move ? any thoughts upon it ? :) ] ;W[ne]C[rats [1d?\]: it may be a bit out of style these days bouteille [8k\]: thanks Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: it is good for kyu player to play that n18, or this's to hard move for me to understand it? : > Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: it look interesting Pericles [5d\]: n18 is hard to play, in my opinion LinuxGooo [16k\]: maybe GuLI wanted teach low kyus with that game *laugh* ] (;B[rc]TR[nc][nd][ne]C[Pericles [5d\]: the reason why N18 is supposed to be bad, is that it is extremely difficult to attack white efficiently bouteille [8k\]: this 3 white stones destroy the san ren sei ] ;W[rb] ;B[pg]C[troll [2d\]: stlen, you were right, there is no good move for o15 ] (;W[nq]LB[jc:A]TR[nc][nd][ne]C[troll [2d\]: so here, the weird part, how can w just leaves the o15 stones there? Pericles [5d\]: the question is "what was the purpose of those white moves", did white accomplish what he meant to ? Pericles [5d\]: the aim of white at top, will be to reduce later, and / or attack the black stones at top if he can Pericles [5d\]: but if he does it too early, he will just have to run with a heavy group ] ;B[pq]TR[nc][nd][ne]C[StlenVlr [3d\]: They are doing important job StlenVlr [3d\]: They are keeping N18 cut Pericles [5d\]: they'll come to use more efficiently later Pericles [5d\]: q3 is not something you see often troll [2d\]: q3 another freak of a move, sure joseki, but so rare Pericles [5d\]: Q3 is a war declaration Pericles [5d\]: black surely has those three white stones in mind ] ;W[jp] ;B[mp]C[Pericles [5d\]: this is also something unusual :) tpspoons [8k\]: Is b trying to gain strength on bottom so attack on o16 stones is more severe? Pericles [5d\]: yes, tpsoons ] (;W[np]C[Pericles [5d\]: white tries to separate Pericles [5d\]: natural move Pericles [5d\]: he can't just N3 (see var) ] ;B[mq] ;W[mr] ;B[kq]TR[lr]C[Pericles [5d\]: who would play M2 ? Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: me : > ] (;W[or]C[ Pericles [5d\]: look at p2 :) EachOne [10k\]: weird ] ;B[kp] ;W[no] ;B[pn]C[Pericles [5d\]: the game is in b's favor already here Pericles [5d\]: white has two weak groups ] ;W[nm] (;B[jo]LB[pl:A]C[Pericles [5d\]: k5 is very calm move Pericles [5d\]: k5 means " I'm strong to attack" Pericles [5d\]: black is confident white can't play at A with such a weak group ] ;W[qr] ;B[pr] ;W[ps] ;B[rq] ;W[kn]C[ Pericles [5d\]: white makes his group more flexible ] ;B[pl] ;W[qq] ;B[qp] ;W[rr] ;B[rp]C[troll [2d\]: s4 hard move to play, have to have faith that the w group remains weak enuf Pericles [5d\]: in a teaching game, I would say " S4 is very big, but it's endgame" Pericles [5d\]: and Gu Li knows that too Pericles [5d\]: but still, he protects the atari Pericles [5d\]: another showing of his will to kill troll [2d\]: well, it does ensure w not unconditionally alive yet StlenVlr [3d\]: W would live without S4, and right now the point of this board is that O7 has to run toward O15 ] ;W[ko] ;B[ip] ;W[jn] ;B[io] ;W[in] ;B[le]C[Pericles [5d\]: finally black takes sente tpspoons [8k\]: is black pushing the two white groups together so he can separate? Pericles [5d\]: yes Pericles [5d\]: he pushes just enough so that enough space remains to cut them apart StlenVlr [3d\]: Also, M15 protects agains J17 invasion Pericles [5d\]: right Pericles [5d\]: black is leading big ] ;W[ng] ;B[nj]LB[nj:A]TR[nc][nd][ne][ng][mn]C[ Pericles [5d\]: white has two eyeless groups on the run Pericles [5d\]: the move at A is obviously very sharp troll [2d\]: o10 looks automatic, just from the perspective tht cant let w two groups connect easily Pericles [5d\]: yes Pericles [5d\]: natural play ] ;W[oi] ;B[pi] ;W[lh] ;B[id] ;W[gp] ;B[gq] ;W[fp] ;B[hp] ;W[eq] ;B[ck] ;W[ci] ;B[bn] ;W[bp] ;B[eo]LB[co:B][cq:A]C[ Pericles [5d\]: what's the move useful for ? Pericles [5d\]: it prepares aji in the corner ] (;W[ep] ;B[lj] ;W[oh] (;B[re] ;W[ph] ;B[qh] ;W[qg] ;B[rg] ;W[oj] ;B[ok] ;W[nk] ;B[mk] ;W[nl] ;B[lm]LB[ji:B][hn:C][mo:A]C[Pericles [5d\]: black is violent here Pericles [5d\]: he got cut, and yet, he keeps attacking Pericles [5d\]: threatening to cut at A Pericles [5d\]: threatening to play B Pericles [5d\]: and threatening to play C ] ;W[on] (;B[ji] ;W[pm] ;B[qm] ;W[qn]C[Pericles [5d\]: this combo is very impressive Pericles [5d\]: can b connect ? ] (;B[om] ;W[ol] ;B[pk] ;W[pm] ;B[po] ;W[kj] ;B[mn]C[Pericles [5d\]: black seems not to care about the ko :) ] ;W[qi] ;B[om] ;W[rh] ;B[ln]CR[ck][bn]TR[oc][rc][od][pd][qd][re][pg][rg]SQ[nk][nl][ol][nm][on][no][np][nq][qq][mr][or][qr][rr][ps]C[KoLife [1d\]: so big trade Pericles [5d\]: yes Pericles [5d\]: now the focus is on left side Pericles [5d\]: white has to attack very sharply Pericles [5d\]: it's difficult ] ;W[qf] ;B[ek] ;W[pm] ;B[ql] ;W[rn] ;B[rk] ;W[lr] ;B[kr] ;W[rj] ;B[rm] ;W[sl] ;B[ro] ;W[gr]C[Pericles [5d\]: any idea about this move ? StlenVlr [3d\]: (g2 is an useful tesuji to memorize. I sure do miss it often in my games) StlenVlr [3d\]: The idea behind G2 is that you get E2 in sente ] (;B[hr] ;W[fr] ;B[hq] ;W[kk] ;B[ml] ;W[ec] ;B[eb] ;W[db] ;B[fb] ;W[fd] ;B[gd] ;W[ge] ;B[cc] ;W[dc] ;B[fe] ;W[ee] ;B[ed] ;W[sk] ;B[sn] ;W[fd] ;B[ff] ;W[hd] ;B[ed] ;W[sr]C[Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: that's weird, black was so much ahead and now he is losing Pericles [5d\]: white killed top in exchange ] ;B[ls] ;W[fd] ;B[gc] ;W[ie] ;B[hc] ;W[he]C[troll [2d\]: also, white kinda solved the issue with two weak groups ] ;B[jd] ;W[ef] ;B[fg] ;W[ei]LB[fd:A]C[ Pericles [5d\]: it threatens to kill the 3 stones by ko Pericles [5d\]: and attacks e9 at the same time ] ;B[hg] ;W[dl]TR[kj][kk][in][jn][kn][ko]C[Pericles [5d\]: it's not easy to cut black Pericles [5d\]: because the center stones are not connected yet ] ;B[dk] ;W[fj] ;B[el] ;W[gl] ;B[dm] ;W[ig] ;B[jg]C[ Pericles [5d\]: this move is worth remembering too ] ;W[ih] ;B[if] ;W[cm] ;B[cl] ;W[cn] ;B[di]C[Pericles [5d\]: black is already semi-alive ] ;W[dh] ;B[bi] ;W[bm] ;B[ch] ;W[dj] ;B[bg] ;W[cg] ;B[bh] ;W[bf] ;B[gk]TR[kj][kk][in][jn][kn][ko]C[Pericles [5d\]: he doesn't "just" live Pericles [5d\]: he keeps attacking Pericles [5d\]: the target is still the center stones ] ;W[hk] ;B[jf] ;W[aj] ;B[cj] ;W[ak] ;B[di] ;W[ms] ;B[oq] ;W[ci] ;B[gm] ;W[hl] ;B[di] ;W[ni] ;B[mj] ;W[ci] ;B[ai] ;W[ag] ;B[al] ;W[hh] ;B[di] ;W[lo] ;B[mo] ;W[ci] ;B[na] ;W[oa] ;B[di] ;W[gg] ;B[hf] ;W[ci] ;B[fh] ;W[gj] ;B[di] ;W[mc] ;B[lb] ;W[ci] ;B[fm] ;W[bl] ;B[di] ;W[ld] ;B[kd] ;W[ci] ;B[hn] ;W[jh] ;B[jl] ;W[hm] ;B[go] ;W[kl] ;B[km] ;W[jm] ;B[lp] ;W[im] ;B[ki] ;W[kh] ;B[li] ;W[lf] ;B[ij]C[Pericles [5d\]: and from here, it's just endgame ] ;W[ik] ;B[di] ;W[ke] ;B[md] ;W[me] ;B[ld] ;W[kf] ;B[je] ;W[ci] ;B[er] ;W[dr] ;B[di] ;W[gh] ;B[gf] ;W[ci] ;B[gs] ;W[es] ;B[di] ;W[bk] ;B[dg] ;W[ci] ;B[da] ;W[ca] ;B[ea] ;W[cb] ;B[ej] ;W[fi] ;B[di] ;W[en] ;B[kg] ;W[lg] ;B[ah] ;W[af] ;B[df] ;W[de] ;B[eh] ;W[fo] ;B[bd] ;W[cd] ;B[fk] ;W[hj] ;B[ii] ;W[em] ;B[fl] ;W[fn] ;B[mi] ;W[gn] ;B[ho] ;W[mh] ;B[hi] ;W[gi] ;B[ll] ;W[jk] ;B[eg] ;W[bc] ;B[hs] ;W[fs] ;B[rl] ;W[qj] ;B[sm] ;W[sj] ;B[qo] ;W[bj] ;B[qk] ;W[jj] ;B[lk]C[ Pericles [5d\]: Black + resign (w loses by 0,5) ]) (;B[fr] ;W[ll] ;B[ml] ;W[mm] ;B[kl] ;W[hq] ;B[hr]LB[ho:A] ;W[iq] ;B[jq] ;W[ir] ;B[gs] ;W[ho] ;B[jp]LB[ho:A]C[Pericles [5d\]: maybe w just wants A sente])) (;B[po]C[Pericles [5d\]: so here, black can't risk the whole side ] ;W[ol] ;B[pk] ;W[ql] ;B[rm])) (;B[mo] ;W[mn] ;B[ln] ;W[lo] ;B[ll] ;W[jq]C[Pericles [5d\]: there is problems at the bottom (many possible variations, try them out on a board) ] ;B[jr] ;W[lq])) (;B[ph]C[LinuxGooo [16k\]: a question of menthality, I would player might feel well in such situation, another not. Go is not only/purely about counting. If white want work with the centre then its stones O13-M12-P13-O7-J6 might be a good basis, right ? Pericles [5d\]: those stones are weak, Linux Pericles [5d\]: white is trying to make a living shape Pericles [5d\]: I'm not sure why black played S15 troll [2d\]: greedy for points? Pericles [5d\]: maybe ])) (;W[do]C[Pericles [5d\]: technically, w "could" block nebulous [1k\]: e2 Pericles [5d\]: yes Pericles [5d\]: e2 comes next ] ;B[er]LB[ep:1]) (;W[en] ;B[co] ;W[do] ;B[cq]C[StlenVlr [3d\]: F2 is kinda sente though Pericles [5d\]: later, in the late tchuban ])) (;B[pl]C[Pericles [5d\]: why doesn't black protect here, you think ? ] ;W[hq]C[White can't create another fight. Too dangerous !] (;B[lm]) (;B[jo] ;W[ip] ;B[mn] ;W[nn] ;B[mk]))) (;W[lr]C[Pericles [5d\]: if white pushes ] ;B[kp]LB[or:A]TR[jp]C[ troll [2d\]: w position will be destroyed one way or another Pericles [5d\]: you give black two good moves ])) (;W[mq] ;B[lp] ;W[lq] ;B[kp] ;W[kq] ;B[jo]TR[nc][nd][ne][ip][np]C[ Pericles [5d\]: If b gets enough strength, the top will definitely by swallowed ])) (;W[jc]C[Pericles [5d\]: if he attacked immediatly ] ;B[le]C[Pericles [5d\]: black will just chase and make profit Pericles [5d\]: for now, they are just a dead charge ])) (;B[rd]C[Pericles [5d\]: if white goes out, black can simply play the descent in sente Pericles [5d\]: the descent is also possible but it's not as much "sente" Pericles [5d\]: it does threaten the corner life StlenVlr [3d\]: in KO!!! ])) (;B[ne] ;W[mb] ;B[md] ;W[na] ;B[mf] ;W[pf] ;B[rd]C[ Pericles [5d\]: but black can still descent (though no longer sente) ])) (;B[ne] ;W[oc]LB[me:A]TR[md]C[Pericles [5d\]: white can just defend Pericles [5d\]: there will be a defect at A ] ;B[me]LB[md:A][rd:C][pf:B]C[Pericles [5d\]: there is B too ])) (;W[nb]C[Pericles [5d\]: logically, yes this is a joseki that is used more ] ;B[me]C[bouteille [8k\]: classic move Pericles [5d\]: yes, natural joseki Pericles [5d\]: but in this position, b looks quite scary EachOne [10k\]: oh I see EachOne [10k\]: huge ] ;W[nq]C[bouteille [8k\]: so white must R6 move now Pericles [5d\]: more likely this side, bouteille "approach from the most open side" ])) (;B[pc]LB[qe:A][qf:B]TR[pj]C[Pericles [5d\]: he "can" Pericles [5d\]: but it's generally not good to push white into the right side Pericles [5d\]: sanrensei is supposed to be emphasizing right side, in the first place ] ;W[qd] ;B[pe] ;W[pb] ;B[ob] ;W[qb] ;B[oc] ;W[qf]C[ troll [2d\]: true, I like the q10 reason, because its such an easy criteria for choosing direction, and almost always gives right result troll [2d\]: if there is stone at q10, choose the direction that was played in the game, if no stone at q10, choose the other direction ])) (;B[pf]LB[pb:B][hc:A][kc:D][jd:C]C[Pericles [5d\]: say, black just "defends" Pericles [5d\]: what happens next ? :) troll [2d\]: h17? EachOne [10k\]: H17 bouteille [8k\]: q18 or A StlenVlr [3d\]: K16 would be good enough for W troll [2d\]: l17 would be the textbook move for w I think Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: A seems nice LinuxGooo [16k\]: K16 is a big jump... I'd prefer D, two point jump is more solid... ] (;W[pb]C[Pericles [5d\]: if white jumps into the corner Pericles [5d\]: black will not submissively play sansan Pericles [5d\]: so he wouldn't Q18, to avoid helping black f17 ] (;B[qc] ;W[kc]C[Pericles [5d\]: that is good for white, considering F17 = weak ]) (;B[lc]C[Pericles [5d\]: black would more likely pincer, to help F17 troll [2d\]: n17 makes nice use of f17, but looks very inconsistent with the rest of the board troll [2d\]: black has big framework, if you play n17 as black you just give w a wall to counter that b framework ]) (;B[mc]C[Pericles [5d\]: this joseki results in white havining influence, not consistent with black's sanrensei, imo troll [2d\]: n17is for taking topside points, m17 is for taking outside influence, totaly opposite ] ;W[md] ;B[lc]C[EachOne [10k\]: N17 one bouteille [8k\]: n 16 black so Pericles [5d\]: white gets influence ])) (;W[kc]C[Pericles [5d\]: he is more likely to extend ]) (;W[ic]LB[qc:A]C[EachOne [10k\]: J17 seems good Pericles [5d\]: j17 is fighting pattern :) StlenVlr [3d\]: t W is in really good position to fight Pericles [5d\]: yes Pericles [5d\]: white is in no immediate danger, as sansan is still open Pericles [5d\]: he can jump in anytime ] (;B[ip] ;W[ec]C[ Pericles [5d\]: If black ignores, white E17 is severe Pericles [5d\]: black has no place to make a base ]) (;B[oc]C[Pericles [5d\]: this kick ? troll [2d\]: yes Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: kick make a whote even stronger Pericles [5d\]: it helps white a lot musmos [3d\]: its too good for w ] ;W[nd]C[troll [2d\]: but j17 not too far? bouteille [8k\]: o16 troll [2d\]: l17 now Pericles [5d\]: white is very happy to extend O16 StlenVlr [3d\]: It kinda doesn't. O16 is supposed to be a group you can sacrifice StlenVlr [3d\]: W can't play on both sides of J17 LinuxGooo [16k\]: so how did the play go on ? ])))) (;B[jd]C[Rzaki0Pak [4k\]: k16? Pericles [5d\]: Black can k16 yes Pericles [5d\]: but white would approach right side ] ;W[nq]C[Pericles [5d\]: here, for instance Pericles [5d\]: by playing tenuki, black wants white to invest all on the left side ]))

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