dimanche 30 mars 2014

What comes next ?

Hola !

No "jubango" game review for today. It was truly a complicated game. When I went to sleep, after white messed up the lower right area, and tried some sequence in the top right, I thought there was no way he could win the game. But he did, and that was an impressive comeback I must say. Half of the board was totally destroyed by their fighting manoeuvers. Some pros commented on this game, you can replay a 6hours long audio review on gokgs (under the KGS Plus Menu > recent lectures).
If you understand chinese (or are fine with just watching them play variations), you can also watch a complete analysis of the game on Youtube.

Current score : Gu Li vs Lee Sedol (1 / 2)

Also, another short video below :

After this major event, you are certainly "What comes next ?"
Those do :

6th Haifeng Cup : quarterfinals : 31/03  
---> Lin Shuyang 7d vs Wang Yuanjun 7d
---> Liu Yaowen 5d vs Yang Bowei 3d
---> Xiao Zhenghao 8d vs Hei Jiajia 6d
---> Chen Shiyuan 9d vs Lin Lixiang 6d

10th Prices Information Cup : Prelims : 31/03
26th Mingren (Meijin) : 1/04 : Prelims
13 Tianyuan : Prelims : starting 1/04
11th Chanqi Cup :  1st Round : 2/04

19th GS Caltex Cup : Semifinals : 4/04
---> Choi Cheolhan 9d vs Park Junghwan 9d
---> Mok Jinseok 9dvs Kim Jiseok 9d

14th RICOH Cup : Finals : 12/04
---> Lian Xiao 7d vs Wu Guangya 5d

As you can see, the season of prelims have started. As always, we can expect some particularly strong players among the freshly-promoted professinonals players, especially Bai Baoxiang (1p) who is recognized as one of the chinese top players already, but he certainly won't be the only one that top pros should be taken seriously.
We'll see soon enough !

As you saw above, there will be some prelims today, I hope to find some particularly interesting games to review them. Just have to wait a few more hours.
Fore further informations about the pairings and the previous years' results, have a look at this page 


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