samedi 3 mai 2014

Online KGS Tournament - 6th Golden Stone

Hi !

I've been lacking a bit of time these days, since Wednesday was a day off in France, I used the opportunity to handle projects that I care much about.

I received 2 ASR games this week - they'll be reviewed by tomorrow. It's still not too late to send some more.

For a few weeks, I've been an official teacher for "Forum Go On" (told you about that already, in a previous post), and there is one thing about this room that I forgot to tell. They are organizing a tournament starting on Monday).

Today is the last day for registering. It's an online tournament, in which registered players range from 30k to 4d. The deadline will be tonight, at midnight (french time).

Requirements :
- Use your strongest KGS account
- You need to have at least 30 games (all types) played in the last 60 days, 15 of which -at least- should be rated games.

Rules :
- Handicap -1 (maximum handicap : 6)
- Mac Mahon system
- Free games (game offer shall be opened by Black and shall be public)
- AGA Rules
- 30 minutes +5x20 byoyomi.

Every week, drawings will be automatically made, and you'll be assigned two games to play during that week. You are free to choose what time and day you prefer (find an agreement with the opponent). Of course if you sign up, you will HAVE TO play those two games, to avoid disqualification.

Games will be played in "Forum Go on" (under social) and must contain the following gamenote : "Tournoi GO.ON Golden Stone 6 . Round X . X vs Y. " 

About prizes : 
  • 3000 points forum pour 30 euros de réduction sur les produits
  • Un abonnement KGS+ de un mois..............................................................................
  • La Couronne Golden Stone appliquée sur l'avatar du vainqueur.

3000 forum points (equal to 30 euros discount for all products from

Free 1 month KGS+ subscription.
A crown, on your forum avatar.

Besides that, teachers from the room will review one game per round (there are 4 official teachers, so there will be 4 reviews per round)

If you want to sign up for this tournament, a couple of steps :

1/ Register on the forum here (use the same ID as on kgs)
2/ Send a reply to this post, which also should contain your rank 
3/ Join Forum Go On under social
4/ Wait a few more hours for the draws to be made :) 

If you have trouble registering, please contact me fast (better say it again : the deadline is tonight)



2 commentaires:

  1. Wish I could join! Sounds like a lot of fun. Best of luck to everyone participating!

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